Study in Ottawa in Canada

Carleton University has the distinct advantage of not only being located in the cosmopolitan capital of Ottawa but also in the vast, multicultural country of Canada that is considered a land of opportunity thanks to its high quality of life. It’s also a very affordable place in which to live and study.

The national capital, Ottawa, is a bilingual city with one million residents and boasts an array of cafes, galleries, theatre, music festivals, bicycle paths, neighbourhood parks, elegant shops, farmers markets and meandering waterways. Ottawa is also just a few hours’ drive from Toronto, Montreal and the United States and also has an excellent international airport and inter-city buses and trains. This makes it the ideal city in which to live and study.

Carleton University has made the most of the unique opportunities and the wealth of resources right on our doorstep including front line access to a vibrant business sector, an extensive diplomatic community, national libraries and museums, and a high concentration of local clinical, medical and life sciences research facilities. The links we have been able to forge with Canada’s most influential government and non-government agencies and organizations has enabled us to provide research and work placement opportunities for our students.