Bachelor of Science at Carleton University

Science is a fundamental component to understanding the world around us and so at Carleton our Bachelor of Science is a comprehensive and challenging course designed to help you work and research effectively in a scientific environment and become a valuable resource to employers.

Some of the segments in our course that make our program unique include experimental hands on laboratory work in state of the art labs. This starts right from first year as we firmly believe the best way to learn science is to do science. These laboratories, and in fact all our tutorials, seminars and field courses, are conducted in small classes so our students have a more personalized learning experience. Our Faculty of Science also boasts professors actively involved in cutting-edge research projects who offer students the opportunity to rub shoulders with them and get involved in their research.

This idea of practical application continues throughout the program with numerous opportunities for summer internships, co-operative placements and field courses thanks to the links our faculty has forged with various local industries, government labs and departments, teaching and research hospitals. These links have also helped provide our students with research and employment opportunities.