Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management

As a student in the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program (BPAPM) you are given the opportunity to improve the world you live in and meet like minded students with the same ambitions. Public policy affects everything we do from the air we breathe to the water we drink and as a student of this course you can learn the skills to address some of society’s most pertinent issues.

Changing and improving society involves changing and improving the policies that govern it and the BPAPM provides the skills for you to understand how and why governments and organizations operate the way they do and how you can help improve their processes.

The BPAPM program covers economics, political science, law, history and business. Study abroad programs are available in second year at universities in Asia, Africa, the Americas or Europe for students with an average of B or higher. Every summer some students are selected to live, learn and work in the high Andes on community development projects.

Graduates of the BPAPM program have been successful in landing internships for organizations such as the UNDP in Africa, the Netherlands, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Latvia.