Bachelor of Journalism at Carleton University

If you desire an exciting career as a reporter, editor or broadcaster then Carleton University is the ideal training ground. The new Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities degree provides every form of tool and training possible in the world of newspaper, radio, television and new media journalism to help you become the eyes and ears of your community.

This four year degree provides a solid, broad-based education to best prepare students for a career in the media, covering everything from the science and art of good writing to the theory and practice of journalism, how to put together a great story and meet deadlines. Subjects covered include the changing role of the media in Canadian society, journalistic principles, professional practices, gathering and reporting information, media law, fundamentals in all kinds of media and professional workshops and specialized reporting.

We believe in a very practical hands on approach to newsgathering and reporting and students are actively involved as part of their classes in producing publications. These include a community newspaper and website, an online magazine about the activities of the federal government, or radio or television current-affairs programs. Students are also able to utilize apprenticeships and internships to put their skills to practical use elsewhere. Specialisations in the final year of the program include a choice of politics, business, the arts, international affairs, social issues or science.