Bachelor of Health Sciences in Canada

Healthcare and health research is a rapidly changing field and Carleton’s Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) is the ideal way to propel yourself into it. Graduates from the BHSc can either use the course as a means to enter the non professional health-related job market or as an educational foundation for further study required in a professional health-related career.

The BHSc (Honours) program has five areas of focus: Biomedical Sciences, Environment and Health, Global Health, Health Throughout the Lifespan and Disability and Chronic Illness. It is also possible to combine two areas of study. All of these focus areas give students practical experience with visits to laboratories, workshops and seminars. This hands on approach starts from the first year of the program.

Graduates who wish to go on to further studies should investigate these programs early to make sure they choose the right concentration(s) and electives and tailor their program to meet the entry requirements.