Bachelor of Computer Science in Ottawa

Computers are essential to daily life and play a crucial role in business, communication, science, entertainment and medicine. Because of this there is always a need for computer scientists and our innovative and cutting edge program is an excellent preparation for our graduates who go on to work in the IT industry.

The Bachelor of Computer Science covers the core elements of theory, design and software engineering, but also application areas like computer games, systems, life sciences and business because computer science is an ever changing discipline and we want to best equip our graduates with skills they can utilize to help tailor solutions for future technology problems.

We also offer a co-operative education program to provide you with industry experience. Some of the placements we have been able to make for our students include high tech companies, federal government departments and agencies such as Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Mitel, Canada Border Services Agency, CSIS, Epial, and Entrust.

The Computer Science program at Carleton is organized into diverse streams so you can develop an expertise, however all streams share a common core covering fundamentals such as programming, algorithms, software engineering, database and user interfaces. Specialized streams include computer game development, mobile computing, and computer and internet security.