Bachelor of Cognitive Science in Ottawa

If you are fascinated by thought processes in either people, animals or computers, then Cognitive Science may be the perfect degree program for you. In Cognitive Science you learn how to study the mind and brain by combining the methods and theories of psychology, philosophy, linguistics, neuroscience and computer science.

Our degree program is designed to be completed in four years and gives you five areas of specialization to choose from including Biological Foundations of Cognition; Cognition and Computation; Cognition and Psychology; Language and Linguistics; and Philosophical and Conceptual Issues. Each provides unique insights into human understanding, thought, perception, language and emotion.

One of the distinct advantages of studying Cognitive Science at Carleton University is the opportunity to learn from leading scientific researchers in this field and utilise the variety of on-campus research facilities available to students. Our location in the national capital also provides our students access to the National Research Council of Canada, government research laboratories and Ottawa’s high tech community.

We also offer co-operative work experience through Cognitive Science which provides an array of field work opportunities that could range from designing and analyzing surveys to improving websites or reworking ways to visualize data.