Bachelor of Arts at Carleton University

Our Bachelor of Arts (BA) program is Carleton’s largest with 33 diverse and exciting areas of study to choose from. All provide a comprehensive understanding of fields that cover anything from Human Rights to Economics or Geography. BA students can choose a single major discipline, combine it with another disciple for a combined program, or complement it with a minor. Our BA program provides opportunities to gain practical experience in the real world through co-operative (co-op) education, internships or field work so you are best prepared for your future career.

Program highlights include Human Rights, which gives an overview of both historical and contemporary human rights issues and combines studies in law, philosophy, political science, sociology and anthropology. In Psychology students can explore applied, cognitive, developmental, forensic, health, personality and social psychology to enable them to best understand the human mind and enhance well being and performance. Criminology is another interesting program with field placements that provides an overview of the causes and definitions of crime and criminal behaviour, criminal law and its administration, and public policy and social responses to crime. In Communication Studies students explore the role and development of communication in modern society and examine social contexts, media content, specific technologies and policy frameworks. Economics covers global markets, unemployment, debt, the environment and non-renewable resources. Environmental Studies introduces students to the social, cultural, economic, political, legal and ethical perspectives pertinent to today’s environmental issues. And our renowned Political Science program traces the development of political thought from ancient Greece to the Internet age and explores politics around the world.